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About Lizzyknows and how it works

What is Lizzyknows?

Lizzyknows is a community platform that brings people together from all over the world. We are also an online marketplace that connects people and local companies in order for you to experience unforgettable memories and moments! Lizzyknows, shows and has it all!

When you travel you can be either a traveler or a tourist. A tourist will be driven by convenience, whilst a traveller by the unexpected personal and authentic experiences. We focus on paving the road for travellers in order to give a chance for unforgettable memories and stories from all over the world to become reality.

Lizzyknows is your best companion whilst travelling in order to find the experiences that you want out of your journey. You will see that each and every person or company loves what he or she is offering, so you will have a fantastic time! Whether it is a professional chef preparing an amazing dinner for you on a houseboat, a (private) citytour (walk/bike) offered by an historicus, a (romantic) boattour, a picnic in the parc, an inspiring workshop, a breakfast special (on site) made by a amazing local company. Lizzyknows will provide you these unforgettable experiences with locals and the best local companies.

>> Join our community and keep in mind: tourists follow the crowd, travellers go to! <<

How does Lizzyknows work? How can I book one or more experiences?

Pick a category from the pull-down menu bar in the centre of the home page or by selecting one in the pop-up list from the menu bar on the top of the home page.

A page with a number of different experiences within the selected category will be shown. Select one of the experiences in order to have a broader description of the offerings, timing and costs.

If you are ready to order, just click on the “make a reservation now” button 

On the right side you’ll see a red section that pops up in which you can sign up or log in again and order your experience.

Have an amazing time and enjoy your city experience!

Spread the word and write a review. We also like it if you share your photos with #lizzyknows in order to rate the experience with the lizzycommunity.

> Check our Cancellation Policy carefully before you make a booking <

What kind of experiences can I find/book on Lizzyknows?

We offer unique and unforgettable city experiences in 9 different categories:

MORNING                  FULL DAY                           EVENING & NIGHT



All those experiences you can book right away.

We work together with, carefully selected, passionate freelancers, locals and Amsterdam companies that offer the most unique and unforgettable city experiences.

Have you found something you like? You can book the experience right away.

If you look for something that is not offered yet or you want to have a personalised experience (also: business/event) program, then we suggest you to fill in the CUSTOM MADE form and we will work hard and fast to tailor made your experiences according to your personal.

I can’t find the experience that I am looking for? Or, Do you offer a tailor made experience?

No worries, we also offer CUSTOM MADE. We suggest you to fill in our form in which you can share with us your personal wishes and we will deliver you a tailor made personalised program. Also for business events.

How can I contact Lizzyknows?

We like a personal approach so we are happy to hear from you. If you have questions you can check the FAQ page or contact us.

If you know someone or a company that is interested to be part of the Lizzyknows network, let us know by filling in the form on our contactpage 

You can also tweet us.

Everything about payments

What do I have to pay Lizzyknows?

You don’t have to pay an extra amount to Lizzyknows. The price that appears is the total amount you have to pay, including taxes and fees. We charge the host/supplier a percentage for hosting the experience on this platform and other costs we have to make (advertisement/marketingcosts, booking & transactioncosts & administration, etc.)

About (chosing) a Booking & adding your review

How can I find an experience?

We like to make things as easy as possible so we offer 3 ways to check our offer of carefully selected experiences:

Check the experiences offered in each categorie: 

MORNING                    FULL DAY                           EVENING & NIGHT



  • Use our seach tool and fill in the word you are looking for. Every experience that matches your word will appear
  • Use the balk on the mainpage of our website in order to see the selection

How many persons are needed for an experience? 

When you are looking for an experience, you can fill in the number of people of your party along with the rest of your preferences and the system will show you the experiences that fit your criteria. You could also check the terms & conditions of every single experience. Here you can see what the minimum amount of participants is. You can see if your selected experience is private or if you can expect and meet other great people from all over the world.

If you decide last minute to take extra participant(s), contact the supplier in advance to check the possibilities.

Can I book a private experience?

If you would like to book a private experience you can. When you fill in your wishes in our 3 selection criteria the experiences that match your criteria will show up. In the terms & conditions of every experience you can also find and read the specific information about every offer. So you can see right away if it is a private event or an open event. All the custom made experiences are also private and especially made for you.

I would like to book a custom made experience or personalised program

Lizzyknows also offers you a Custom made option. Nothing is too ordinary or extra ordinary and we can make a personalised and spectacular program. You will have a great time!

If you like a personalised program you can fill in our form and we will make you a custom made program. Tell us your preferences and we will make you the perfect program!

Does Lizzyknows offer solutions for a business event/party or larger groups?

Yes, Lizzyknows offers also experiences for larger groups. Yet, often these are lengthier in time and hence need a closer look from our dedicated professionals. If you can combine yourself the experiences throughout the site, perfect!
If not? Just fill in the form for a COSTOM MADE programme and we will support you in finding the right programme for your needs.

How can I get in contact with a supplier to obtain more information about the preferred experience?

Prior to the booking, if you need additional information which is not on the terms & conditions segment of your selected experiece, all enquiries are directed to Lizzyknows. After the booking has been processed you will receive the contact details of the provider of your experience and you will be able to direct all your enquiries directly to your provider.

How do I know if I like the selected experience?

Before booking an experience you can read the information about the experience on its dedicated page. Next to the pictures, which tell more than a thousand words, in most cases you will also be able to find reviews from previous customers. These reviews will help you get a feeling if the experience and the person providing it will match your wishes and expectations.

If your inner feeling says yes: book the experience and enjoy it!

How and when can I book and pay an experience?

Before you can book and finalise your selected experience you have to log in onto our site. If you are a new customer, you will have to register first. click on the ”SIGN UP” button on the top of the home page, a red segment on the right will pop up in which you can insert your details for registration. After that your account is set up and you can enter the Lizzyknows world of experiences. All details you provide a secure and safe and governed under European privacy laws. Lizzyknows works with a safe payment system. The payment is processed and collected by Lizzyknows once the booking is accepted.

In order to secure your experience, the payment will be done at the moment you process the order. We accept credit cards and Ideal payment.

Who do I pay and how once making a final booking?

When you selected and pay the selected experience you will make a full payment to Lizzyknows via IDEAL or creditcard. We will transfer and release the payment to the supplier once the experience has taken place.

How do I contact or meet the supplier after the booking?

You will get a confirmation about your booked experience which is sent to your email address. Here you can find all the needed information. Enjoy and we can’t wait to read your review and see your photos #lizzyknows

How do I prepare for the booked experience?

When the booking is confirmed you can also read what the supplier advises you to wear. But also where to meet. All the needed information will be in the conformation email as well. No worries and enjoy your experience! Check your clothing, the temperature, take a water bottle, etc.

How can I leave a review?

After you have participated in one or more experiences, if you want, you can submit a review in order to help other travellers to make up their mind if an experience meets their needs and wishes. All the reviews appear under the specific experience. We highly encourage travellers to rate the activities in order to keep the experiences and quality at the highest standard. The only thing we want is happy people, so your opinion is important for us and for the other travellers! You can write a review after you have joined one. If you log in in your personal profile, and there you can submit your review.

Cancellation & refund policy

Can I cancel my booking/reservation?

Yes, you can always cancel an experience. Read our cancellation policy carefully. Every supplier has their own Terms & Conditions in which you can read all the information about their cancellation policy as well. You can contact the supplier to cancel the booking.

Do I get a refund when I cancel a booking?

In most cases you will get a refund. That depends of the Terms & conditions of every supplier. Also read our cancellation policy carefully. We always charge transaction and administration costs.

What happens if a supplier cancels or doesn’t show up?

For whatever reason, a supplier might cancel a booking or not show up. As you can imagine, our mission in life is to deliver you the best experiences at the time you want them. Any moment you cannot experience what you were expecting will be hurting us in our core. Hence we guarantee you that we do our utmost best for it not to happen. Yet, in some cases unfortunately we cannot control it. But don’t worry! You will be refunded the full amount.

How do I get a refund?

When you canceled a booking, or the booking is canceled of for what reason the experience will or can’t take place and you deserve a refund your money will be sent back to your accountnumber.  The booking and transaction costs will be charged so that amount will be taken off and the rest will be transferred to your account. You can read our cancellation policy and check carefully the terms and conditions from your supplier.

Where can I read Lizzyknows cancellation policy?

You can find the terms and conditions here

What to do in case of an emergency?

If you have any problems or issues you can contact us at Lizzyknows, but if there is a real emergency we encourage you to call first the 112 emergency number to get you in contact with the police, ambulance and/or fire department. Only thereafter please contact us.


How can I login or register?

If you are a new customer, you will have to register first. click on the ”SIGN UP” button on the top of the home page, a red segment on the right will pop up in which you can insert your details for registration. After that, your account is set up and you can enter the Lizzyknows world of experiences. All details you provide a secure and safe and governed under European privacy laws. Lizzyknows works with a safe payment system. The payment is processed and collected by Lizzyknows once the booking is accepted.

Why do I have to make an account?

We are a community based on trust and that’s why certain personal information is needed to complete a booking. The supplier and the traveler both like to know who they will meet. In order to make an account press on the button sign up and follow the instructions. Please fill in your personal information as detailed as possible. [CP14] 

Is my account + information private?

Our community is based on trust and transparency. Suppliers and travelers both like to know who there guests are. That’s why all the information is detailed so very clear for both parties. All your information is private. After the booking is confirmed you can contact the supplier to make sure you can enjoy your choice fully!

How do I change my password?

You can change your password to go to: Log in, press on the button: forgot password and follow the instructions on the screen. You will get an email and your password is changed so you have full acces again and can enjoy future bookings.

How and can I change and edit my personal profile details?

You can log in on the mainpage and once you are logged in you can fill in all the required info.  Our community is based on trust and transparency. Suppliers and travelers both like to know who they will meet in order to have a great time. That’s why all the information is detailed so very clear for both parties. Enjoy your citytrip!

How can I use and see my bookmarks?

When you are interested in experiences and want to make a list of your favourite ones you can bookmark them in order to finalize your selection so you can find them easily in your personal profile. There you will see your Bookmarks in order to make a final decision. Enjoy your stay and experience!

How can I cancel my account on Lizzyknows?

We really hope you don’t want to do that, but if you really want it you can do that very easily. Log in and press the button: delete account.