Why we started Lizzyknows?

From a passionate point of view Lizzyknows is convinced that sparkle is the substance of life.
Do what you love, care about mankind and nature in order to bring people together to create a more compassionate and caring community. Having a conversation with a stranger can sometimes open up hearts in the same way giving one flowers in a nursery home or just helping somebody in need, does. Happiness is all about the little things that should not be forgotten.

We would like to bring people together, show or remind them what our parents and grandparents taught us; the finer qualities in life concerning other’s needs and all that matters as values for humanity.

It is our goal and duty to give people & companies not only an unforgettable experience but to make them happy and smile during their stay is the service we try to maintain continuously.

That is why Lizzyknows offers unique and unforgettable experiences. But we also care for the less fortunate so we will donate to charity in order to turn smiles on their faces as well!

We also work together with “Eigen werk” from the local municipal of Amsterdam so people can start to learn how to do what they love to do and we offer them thé platform to present it.

We hope to see you on our website soon and we would love you to tell your friends, family and colleagues about us! Thanks in advance!

About Jeane & Anne | Lizzyknows:

Travelling, exploring, adventures, 'getting lost' in new places with new people, creating unique and beautiful memories and experiences all over the world to enjoy life.

We are Jeane & Anne, we love to travel, meet and connect with passionate people and share our network. In our journey to turn our dreams into reality we met a lot of beautiful and inspiring people who embraced our idea. They are now part of our team and helped us to realize this concept.

Our mission is to make travellers & citizens happy and turn smiles on their faces. Created by a Lizzy-community, young and old with a passion, that cares about offering or enjoying personal experiences and d-tours instead of ‘following the crowd’. There is so much more to see and explore!

Lizzyknows will be a meaningfull profit organization; connect and contribute to a social higher purpose where caring, (com)passion and the well-being of each human being is central.

When you travel you can be either a traveler or a tourist. A tourist will be driven by convenience, whilst a traveller by the unexpected personal and authentic experiences. We focus on paving the road for travellers in order to give a chance for unforgettable memories and stories from all over the world to become reality.

Lizzyknows is your best companion whilst travelling in order to find the experiences that you want out of your journey. You will see that each and every person loves what he or she is offering, so you will have a fantastic time! 

Lizzyknows… find/create your unique and unforgettable city experiences. And keep in mind: tourists follow the crowd, travellers go to lizzyknows.com!

About Lizzy the lizard | Lizzyknows logo:

Far from the beaten path on a dusty trail a lizard scuttles from beneath the brush, she scampers high up onto a rock so that you may view her in her full glory. The lizard is a sundancer, a sun worshiper, she takes in healing energies as she basks in the glorious warmth of the golden beams of light. Dancing in the arid desert breeze her tail sways back and forth and you know she has a mystical tale to tell you.

The lizard is an ancient one, a survivor of the age of the dinosaur in miniature form. The lizard has learned the ways of survival. She has transcended the powers of survival into the powers of regeneration. She intrinsically knows that she has the power to survive anything, to overcome anything and to heal from anything. 

The lizard symbolism teaches us that there are powers yet untapped within us too. Powers of regeneration and renewal are available to us so that we may be transformed and transcend beyond our wounds and what has happend to us.

Regeneration begins by letting go of something. Just as the lizard loses his tail in battle, we too must surrender what no longer serves us so that we may be open tot the regenerative energies of life that the universe has to offer us. It is only when we can let go that the process of transformation and regeneration can begin!

As the lizard lies in the soothing radiant waves of the sun, her mind is free, dancing on the winds of imagination and DREAMS. 

Lizzyknows; so it's up to you to choose your unique and unforgettable, carefully selected, city experience now...! Enjoy!