f Lizzyknows - Running with the locals in Amsterdam and surroundings

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  • join local runners and keep up your speed skills;
  • do a great interval training sessionor long run;
  • in several lovely parks in town so check the location and timetables;
  • the greatest running routes in and around Amsterdam!

Do your training with local runners! We love to run outside and some of us train for marathos and ultra runs.

On Sundays mornings we do long easy runs. Come and discover te greatest running routes in and around Amsterdam. You don’t have to worry where you should run, because we know the best running trails! If you want to keep up your speed skills you are can join our interval trainings on weekdays. Depending on the program, we run in parks or on the street. Usually we run no matter the weather conditions, but when lightning comes close we take a break.


Frans, Spaans, Engels


Traininglocations and time:

  1. Monday 18:45: Flevopark/ Frankendaelpark, Interval, All levels
  2. Tuesday 18:30: Vondelpark, Interval, All levels
  3. Tuesday 19:45: Vondelpark, Interval, All levels, For runners who run sub 45 minutes on 10k
  4. Wednesday 09:15, 18:30 and 19:45: Flevopark/ Frankendaelpark, Interval, All levels
  5. Thursday 20:00: Flevopark/ Frankendaelpark, Interval, All levels, For runners who run sub 45 minutes on 10k
  6. Thursday 20:00: Westerpark, Interval, All levels
  7. Sunday: Weekly another beautiful course or trail in or around Amsterdam
    Long run/ endurance
    You can run easily 10k/hour startingtime around 10:00 



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English, French and Spanish
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Running through Amsterdam like a local
Running through Amsterdam like a local
Running through Amsterdam like a local

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