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• Enjoy the best of Amsterdam's food tasting experiences;
• eat from a variety of delicious cuisines;
• listen to the restaurant, bar & deli owners stories, how they realised their culinary dreams;
• discover the hidden gems of Amsterdam's local neighbourhoods;
• learn about the local history, culture & architecture;
• meet new people;
• gather great tips on where to eat for the remainder of your stay;
• we take you off the tourist path to stroll through areas often unknown to many;
• we take you out for a stroll in the open air, get your body moving and your heart gently pumping;
• you'll be pleasantly full until your next meal.


I believe that Food = Life!
With that philosophy in mind I aim to give you a memorable eating and walking tour experience.
A Food Tour is similar to a guided historical city tour, but instead of the focus being on historical monuments or majestic architecture, eating delicious food is the tours central goal.
So if you're hungry/thirsty and either new to the city or you're exploring an unfamiliar part of town, I'm happy to eliminate your struggle of finding the right place to eat or drink.
Your local tour guide will escort you to tried and tested local eateries where a carefully selected tasting awaits you.


About Camille:

I moved to Amsterdam on a whim in the summer of 2000 leaving behind my family and friends in London, England thinking I'd return to the ebb and flow of my east end life. But then I fell in love with the charm of Amsterdam and decided to stay! My other passion is food. I love grocery shopping, cooking, eating and reading cookery books in bed! Delicious food has always made me happy. My childhood memories are predominately food themed! Day trips to the seaside each summer transport me back to my Grandmother’s roast beef sandwiches and homemade cakes. School trips were all about the contents of my packed lunch and what time we were having lunch?


So the gravitational pull towards the food tour industry was inevitable, my first food tour experience in 2012 literally changed my life, it combined all of the elements that I value: community, travel, social history, delicious food & meeting new people, all combined into one memorable eating experience. I'm going to be bold here and declare 'I was born to run a food’.





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Eat walk and be happy food tour Amsterdam East part cake

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