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Looking for something different & stunning with a garanteed ‘Wow’ factor?! 

A professional photographer will capture your moment in a unique and special way. This moment can be a portrait from you, you and your loved one(s), your grandparents, children or someone else. 

  • For those who are looking for something unique and different;
  • Surprise your loved ones with a special gift that will last a lifetime;
  • Private 2-hour photoshoot (on site) with a professional photographer
  • Capture your moment in a spectacular way
  • The photos are taken with a camera from 1880
  • For those who are looking for something special and unique
  • Old techniques and photo paper is used
  • The photos take a long time to develop. A dark room is needed and this takes a long time. So you can’t see the results right away!
  • The special paper that is used for the camera and photo is very rare and difficult to find.
  • The whole photoshoot & the process after is made with love to give you the best present ever! A beautiful portrait and memory for a lifetime. 



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a beautiful portrait and memory forever
If you believe in magic Amsterdam Galleries Lizzyknows
photoshoot twins
photoshoot with a camera from 1880
unique and special portrait photoshoot
Unique photoshoot and photo family portrait
your lovely photographer and her beautifull camera

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