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  • Surprise your love and learn how to sing a song of your own choice as impressive and as romantic as possible;
  • private course on-site or at the studio in Amsterdam-Sout.

Beautiful moonlit bridges, sparkling channels reflecting the stars and the breathtaking smile of your loved one. Amsterdam is so Romantic! But how could you ever describe how you feel right now?  Our pop music has a great tradition of beautiful songs that say exactly how we feel. “Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me” sang Brian Adams in “I do it for you”. Wouldn’t it be the most romantic thing ever if you could sing your heart out to your very special person? Sometimes Joe Cockers “You are so beautiful to me” says it all. Or how about singing “Now that the weight has lifted, love has surely shifted my way. Marry Me!” by train.

Imagine yourself singing this full heartedly, letting all the passion you feel burst out in your song. Can you imagine her/his face? In this serenading crash course you’ll learn how to sing a song of your own choice as impressive and as romantic as possible. We’ll work privately for 1,5 hours (in my singing studio in Amsterdam-South or on the location of your choice), prepare the location of your choice and then there is the moment of truth: You’ll serenade to your loved-one!

The total duration of this crash course is 2,5 hours, which include the singing and performing lesson, the preparation of the location and the serenade. You can sing along with an instrumental version of the song, but of course it is also possible (extra charge) to be accompanied by a guitar player, a piano player, a small jazz band, a string quartet, of…. Your imagination is the limit! We can make it as impressive as you can imagine! Together we’ll make this an experience the both of you will never forget!


English, Dutch


About Esther:
Esther has been a passionate singing instructor for many years. Through her training as a performing artist she knows what the keys are to make a song come to life and to make your lyrics touch the heart of your audience. “Everyone can learn how to sing a melody, but only if you put your heart into it, it becomes music".



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