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If you are visiting Amsterdam the suburbs are, besides the city centre, red light district and the canals, also memorable to visit! Lizzyknows offers you a unique and unforgettable Flying Dutchman city experience!

  • Get the feeling of a real James Bond on the water!
  • Do you like an adrenaline rush?
  • Want to try something else on the water?
  • Thrill seeking avonture!

In every real man and woman a child is hidden that wants to play. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

I was born to explore the good feeling of sports. One of my passions on the water is flyboarden. My device is safety first! Flyboarden is for everyone who likes an adrenaline rush and wants to try something else on the water. Get the feeling of James Bond now! As free as a bird! Move in, under and above the water! Fly where you want to go and feel the power over which you have control. Create breathtaking dives and feel the adrenaline through your body whistle when flying 13 meters above the water!

Flyboarden; something for you? Make a reservation and experience freedom!


10:00 - 18:00


Dutch, English, German




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Dutch and English
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Flying Dutchman suburbs Amsterdam high in the sky above the water
Flying Dutchman suburbs Amsterdam

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