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  • Always wondered which birds are flying around and singing when you take a stroll?
  • besides seeing some amazing birds, you will also learn how to find birds;
  • everybody gets high quality binoculars during the 1,5h tour, and bird id books are available.

Discover the biodiverse nature flying arond in a park near you! An experienced bird guide will show you around in a park of your choice. You can choose to walk or bike around and visit more places. Be amazed by the number of birds which are living right under your nose! You'll also get to learn how to watch birds by knowing more about their behaviour. A small break with coffee/tea and a syrup wafle is included.


Steven Wytema has a bird academy and is of course knowledgeable in all birds, but he also knows how to bring it on a very nice and enthousiastic way.

Jizzbirding is the first high-quality organization that focuses on client-based education of bird identification. But the most important goal of Steven - the owner - is to enlarge the enthousiasm of enjoying birds. And the first step to enjoy birds is to know what you see! The best way to enjoy birds is of course going out in to nature, so in practice you'll find him and his participants in the field, or on private excursions.... Enjoying the birds they see.


From dawn till dusk


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Bird watching Jizzbirding Amsterdam
Bird watching Jizzbirding Amsterdam
Bird watching Jizzbirding Amsterdam

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