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For all food lovers this is an amazing experience. If you want to learn how to cook, or if you want to do something special with friends, your family or another occassion this is the place to be! You will have an unforgettable day garanteed at a beautiful location!

Cooking is more than just creating dishes that are a delight for the senses. Cooking together is stimulating and makes you also curious. While sharing ideas and experiences in a relaxed setting, it all seems to develop automatically.

So, you are the most important ingredient for a successful afternoon or evening during this unforgettable workshop.

During the workshop you will only use natural products that is from a farm nearby, the farmers’ market or at a specialized store. Your amazing teacher will learn you traditional cooking techniques and let you prepare dishes on a professional Lacanche stove..

During a course or workshop, your amazing chef will try to bring out the best in you. Whether you have cooking experience or not. And a funny fact: He is only satisfied when you are!

Your amazing chefs philosophy is that a cooking workshop is successful when you have enjoyed the food, drinks, and the company. It’s even more fun if you have also learned something you can apply at home. The experience becomes really special when you are at an amazing location where you are able to receive new insights, tips, and recipes from a true chef.




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Amsterdam unique food experience workshop fish
Amsterdam unique food experience workshop merengue
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