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Join a daily local sightseeing bicycle and food crawl tour

€ 49,00

Click and book your daily classic canal cruise in a salon boat

on request

Lizzyknows! Let us take care of that for you!

on request

Join a Amsterdam shopping tour

on request

Bungee jump from an amazing location

on request

Capture your moment in a spectacular way

on request

Jordaan walking sightseeing tour in Amsterdam

on request

Get your local Amsterdam streetcar sightseeing tour

on request

Custommade high quality silk or wool fashion item

Food & Drinks
on request

Quality is key

Lizzy Certified

Lizzyknows that finding the right thing to do can be hard. To make sure everything is exactly as you expect or want, look for the Lizzy Certified seal. It guarantees that the location or experience bearing it, is the best of the best.